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The Outdoor Biz Podcast

Jun 12, 2018

Thread is a writing studio that helps great brands like adidas, Burton, Simms fishing an others tell their story and Talkoot is a cloud based platform that brings the dark ninja skills of content creators together in one bright, sunny, crazily useful place.  Brian and I talk about how framing impacts brand stories and how a guy with and economics degree got into storytelling.
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The Outdoor Biz Podcast
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First exposure to the Outdoors

I was from the Midwest and me and my friends would jump in a car on Friday in Chicago and drive up to upper Michigan and in the middle of January and camp on the shores of Lake Superior. We'd go build an igloo in negative three degree weather just because we so wanted to be outdoors and we just felt so out of place in Chicago. So then me and those two friends moved out to Seattle and spent our 20s and 30s climbing, backcountry skiing and Mountaineering.

Things we talked about

Thread Creative





NFL Films


Afrika Bambaataa


Simms Fishing

The Immigrant Story

Advice, tips

When I left the adidas I started freelancing. And when you work for a big company oftentimes there's a lot to grumble about and it's easy to grumble because you have a boss and have a boss's boss. And there's so many things impacting what you do that it's easy to grumble but then when it's freelance you can't grumble anymore because you don't have a boss it's you. You got yourself into this and you have to get yourself out of it. At first that was a weird thing but then I was like oh my gosh I can do anything I want, I can work for anyone I want. And as long as I was able to be financially independent, and that doesn't mean being rich by any by any means, my expenses are underneath my revenue. I can do anything I want. It gave me an insane amount of freedom. And so I would just volunteer work I would you know I'd just go ask people to do stuff. Sometimes clients would pay me for one thing and then I would go and do this whole other thing along with what they paid me for. And I'd come in and I present. You know this headline is better and I read a story telling and here's you know here's why you want this headline versus that. And so just start doing work for people I wanted. You know I was always into the outdoors. And so it was just a natural thing I would just call it outdoor company say let me tell you about let me give you a free talk. Yeah. You know fly down and tell you about story and it always resonated. Started work you know with one brand and then another and now we're deep into it.

Other Outdoor Activities

Trail running

Paddle boarding


Favorite Books

Thinking Fast Thinking Slow by Daniel Kahneman

How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Patagonia Houdini Jacket

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