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The Outdoor Biz Podcast

Apr 4, 2018

I’m speaking with Colin Moynihan from Uncle Dans. Colin was a guest on episode 48 back in November. We talk about how the year is progressing, some the omni channel tactics we presented at the Winter OR show, and more. Waypoint Outdoor- April 2018

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1. Paradigm Shift

a. Consumer now control where, when and how much.

i. On Demand

ii. Brands as Retailers and Retailers as Brands

iii. The D2C Playbook.


2. Path To Purchase

a. Gotta be where they are.


3. 50/50 Rule

a. If you are not 50% digital in some aspect of your business, you will be.

b. Think Sales Channels In-Store, Online, Mobile, Social, Marketplaces


4. Frictionless Experience

a. Make it super easy.

i. Inventory, Order and Fulfillment Management

ii. Experience & Services

b. Easy to find, Easy to buy, Easy to Return


5. Everybody’s A VIP

a. Starbucks App