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The Outdoor Biz Podcast

Feb 19, 2019

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The Outdoor Biz Podcast
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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I made my first snowboard and shop class, in 1980 maybe. Cool. And I think I bought wooden skis and kind of put them on my skateboard trucks and went down the hill. I mean, you're building an industry at that point. It just wasn't what we have today, it wasn't crowds at the ski lifts. And then I really think my first outdoor job, I was the first snowboard instructor at Toggenburg Ski area in Syracuse, New York. It's a tiny little hill, 400 vertical. So they embrace snowboarding early.

Things we talked about

Nemo Design

International Snowboard Magazine

Snowboarder Magazine

Smith's sport optic

Nike 6.0

Ikon Pass

Mammoth Ski Resort

Alterra Mountain Co.

Epic Pass

Chill Foundation

Boarding for Breast Cancer

Advice, tips

Congratulations on your choice to participate and be a professional in the outdoor space. I think that the one thing I find helps is finding a leader, somebody to mentor you. Nowadays you can follow them on social feeds, and you'd be surprised if you genuinely and authentically kind of asked them for help. If they've got time, they will pay it back and they will pay it forward by giving you the insights that you desire. So I've had over the years, different strategies that have gotten through for me. One is job shadowing. So you're not asking a whole ton of my time but come in for an afternoon and job shadow. I take those opportunities at our shop. Hey, here's what design does and here's copywriting. And you kind of see what an agencies like and you may not like this kind of culture or you may.

So I always try to open up opportunities there. And then another strategy I thought was pretty effective is, it's kind of similar to this podcast formula, a young student will ask questions that are pretty direct and then I can give them direct feedback.

Just stay curious, be energetic, be part of the solution. And I think that most people will receive you with that same reflective energy.

Other Outdoor Activities


Riding motorcycles

Wake Surfing

Favorite Books

Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Favorite Outdoor Gear Under $100

Goal Zero charger for the phone

Hiking apps

Mizu Water Bottle

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