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The Outdoor Biz Podcast

Jun 5, 2018

Richard has done a lot of great work promoting ecotourism and tells us how that work really got moving at A Conde Nast Travel event. He talks about G Adventures, Planeterra, The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund and a whole lot more
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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Adventure Travel

I was born and raised in the Pacific northwest and you're pretty much outside all the time. That's why people move here. That's why my parents moved here. We were fishing and camping from day one. So I grew up doing that and the interest I would say in those activities did ebb and flow over the years until maybe 16 when a friend of my dad's convinced me that he needed to help me build a raft to go rafting the rivers with him. So we used fiberglass tape on PVC and made a frame for that raft and took it down the class fours. So we made it through alive but maybe not probably not the smartest.

We continued to take it out. It was solid. It wasn't pretty but solid. Yeah. That was, that was fun stuff. So I guess I guess when you're talking about adventure travel, like what I'm involved in now where you pay for a package and have it guided and things like that, that would have been pretty early on. I went to Costa Rica the first time when I was only 18 or 19.

Not too long after that. I bought the first real gift I ever bought for my mom, aside from flowers and things like that. And that was a few days in Tortuguero out on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica to see the sea turtles hatch. And we were lucky enough to have that moment happen. It was amazing. And that'll get the fever go on.

Things we talked about

Organization of American States and Costa Rica

Conde Nast Traveller

Bruce Poon Tip


Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

Advice, tips

Figure out what they can offer the industry and figure out who might need that kind of help and contact them. The employment ads for adventure travel are always pretty robust. There are always several opportunities on the adventure travel trade association website for young people that are looking. Without too much experience a couple of years maybe, or if you have experience in marketing or writing I really do feel like that's pretty simple.

When I'm looking at hiring somebody, I'm really looking at the quality of the previous work. I don't care so much what the subject matter of that work is. The point is that someone put the time and the heart and the passion in and you can feel that the work done. They accomplished the goal that they were looking to accomplish. I've regularly hired people from other industries to come into adventure travel that had the right skills because it's not hard to believe someone when they say they love to travel.

Other Outdoor Activities



Mtn Biking

Favorite Books

Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donal O. Clifton

Blue Latitudes by Tony Horwitz

Best Gear Purchase under $100

As a guy who is around water a lot . . . my collection of floating key chains

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