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The Outdoor Biz Podcast

Sep 19, 2017

Shannon tells us how he became interested in Adventure Travel and has some good tips for anyone wanting to get into Adventure Travel. 

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Show Notes

Shannon tells us how he became interested in Adventure Travel and has some good tips for anyone wanting to get into Adventure Travel.

First Exposure to Adventure Travel

I would say my first exposure was actually through reading. I grew up as a suburban city kid in the Denver area and I was an avid reader of adventure stories. Authors like Jack London and John Steinbeck so I think that's really where my mind first kind of lit up around adventure travel. When I was 17 I was part of a group that went to Fiji to build a dormitory for a kid's camp so I got to live in a pup tent in outside of a small village in Fiji for three months. We had no bathrooms and no running water so we bathed in the river and used an outhouse and really got to hang out with a lot of the locals. It was an absolutely incredible experience.

Things we talked about


ATTA World Summit

Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

Advice, tips

Two common entry points that we see are one: young people who get in by becoming a guide or working for an adventure travel company, which i think is a fantastic way to get started because you really get to see firsthand what it means to work in this industry. Either it's a guide or you know somebody who's helping create itinerary and you get that consumer experience.

The other and this is sort of fun and funny, is that people who are disaffected with the careers they've just gone on an adventure travel trip are thinking "I want to do this".  We have numerous people who have come in and acquired companies or have done mid mid-career shifts. I know several CEOs who are former bankers, for example I know of a Wall Street banker right now who by night is building his adventure travel company and his goal is to to quit the bank. He said my bank work and my day-to-day life is black and white and the adventure travel work even though it's on nights and weekends is like living life in color. I love that. There are also professionals in our space, lawyers and financial people who have figured out how to find their niche in the adventure travel industry where they've combined their professional skill set with what they love to do, so those are those are the two common entry points.

Other Outdoor Activities

Hiking, Biking and Stand Up Paddling

Favorite Books

Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett

West with the Night Beryl Markham

Best Gear Purchase under $100

The Grayl

NRS hydroskin tops

Apps, Tools, Podcasts

Slack  iPhone  iPad

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